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Tree Survey app for android or apple iOS


Mobile app for Tree Surveys

Our app was launched in 2017 and we have always ensured that it is simple and easy to use whilst remaining cost effective. We can provide a tree surveying app that can greatly assist in efficient tree data capture especially where there are multiple surveyors. Never lose any data or have to download or e-mail tree data about as our easy to use system simplifies the management of the tree survey data.

This application is being used by Arboricultural Consultants, Housing Associations, Local Authorities and Charities to help manage their trees. It is driven by a map interface and uses the devices built in GPS making surveying trees simple and the positions are accuratly captured.  

Tree Surveying App UK 2017


What we can offer?

Tree Survey Mobile app - GIS Solutions  Tree Survey Inspection app - GIS Solutions


Tree Survey Mobile app

Our mobile app is available on a subscription basis and we provide the app setup for your use tailored to your particular needs along with the background mapping of your choice, for the duration of your project. We provide first class technical support to get everyone up and running as quickly as possible.


"Available on a subscription basis for Android and Apple iOS devices"

Tree Surveying app 2020 UK - arboriculture


Tree Surveying App - GIS Solutions 2017


Web Mapping Site (WebGIS) links direct to and from the mobile app for Tree Management

We offer a web mapping site that utilises the latest WebGIS technology to deliver large amounts of geographic data in a fast and easy to use format. Web maps can be used to manage the tree data alongside any other data that you may have. They can show georeferenced data on a map instantly and can often answer questions to enable clients to make quick decisions about their assets, such as which trees need removing due to their location and significant defects. The tree data can be filtered to show all the trees that need felling or all the trees requiring surveyed as part of the tree survey programme. This can be viewed on a map or the selected data can be exported to a variety of formats.

Web GIS - Mapping Consultant, GIS Solutions

ABOVE : The screen shot shows a recent Tree Survey carried out for a large Housing Association across the UK. The data can be captured on a variety of mobile mapping devices and the photographs of defective trees or management issues can be recorded and viewed in real time as the survey is conducted.

"Our WebGIS system is very easy to use and allows

access to a wealth of detailed information."

Using the latest technology for internet mapping we can capture tree survey information directly into an online secure web mapping portal which allows all stakeholders to access the data including the Tree Surgery Teams and the data can be easily exported as reports, as Excel Spreadsheets and in a wide variety of GIS formats which makes the outputs from our tree surveys very versatile and ensures it can be shared with everyone who needs it. There can be two sites one that is a simple viewer which could be shared to whoever needs basic access to the data and then an editing site for those that may want to edit the data or delete felled trees etc.Google Streetview

Trees requiring work can be shown in red so that they are highlighted and it is possible to use this data within any GIS system to cater for future tree surveys that maybe undertaken. Our WebGIS system is very easy to use and requires no specialist training in GIS and allows access to a wealth of detailed information. This technology was used extensively during the London Olympic site remediation works which we worked on.


ABOVE : The screen shot shows a photo captured on a Samsung phone running the Android Tree Surveying app.


"We believe that our mobile app provides a streamlined data capture application that saves time and the addition of photographs and seamless data transfer enables all stakeholders to access the tree survey information straight away"

We have recently helped a Local Authority by providing the setup and support for a tree survey and using our system they have been able to compile a streamlined tender where the recording and reporting has already been taken care of.

"It allows real time collaboration and easy exporting of data"



Lastly, if you made it this far you have done well....we use this system ourselves to manage trees as part of our Arboricultural Consultancy Service. To find out more please get in touch.

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